Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder
Chef John Vargo
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Today's Menu

Photo credit: Scott Mierop - LOCALadk Magazine

Today's Market Menu
Thursday, January 29, 2015
We are open at 5pm today.
Make plans for Valentine's day now!
  Hot. Fresh. Local.

Attention ice fishermen (+women):
We buy fresh local winter perch!

Now paying 1.50 per pound for perch 8" or longer.
Only buying fresh whole fish caught the same day. No limit!

We have a separate grill for vegetarians! Look for the green items on the menu.
Vegan? Gluten free? No problem-just ask.
   We are BYOB.
Visa and Mastercard welcome.

If you call during dinner service, you may be given a pick-up time that is later than you anticipated. For preferred pick up times, just like with a reservation, calling early is best. I want to take time to prepare your dinner carefully, and we do not rush orders for the sake of a patron's impulse dinner plans. That being said, thank you for choosing Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder. We are your culinary connection to the local farm harvest. - John Vargo Chef/ Proprietor
- Call ahead with your order and preferred pick up time.
Perch chowder
cup- 4-  pint-  6-  quart- 10-
salad w/ polenta croutons and white anchovies 10- / sm. 6-

                                                Sides             single / family

                       macaroni and cheese                 4-/ 10-          
                                      Brussels sprouts                        4-/ 10-                
                                 Poutine                              6-/11-                  
              hush puppies                             2-/7-
                  cole slaw                                1-/4-
             plantain dumplings                   2-/7-
                rice 'n peas                             
              sweet potato fries                       4-/10-
             mashed potatoes                       2-/7-
          fresh cut onion rings                    3-/8-
               fresh cut fries                              2-/7-

Jamaican Beef patty 4-
Smoked corned beef brisket on German rye:

NYC Deli style w/mustard 13-/ large 16- /
Reuben style w/kraut, Swiss and Russian  14- / large 17-
Smoked corned beef brisket on a crusty roll w/ Texas bbq sauce! 13-

Smoked salmon Reuben 16-
Brussels sprouts Reuben 10-
Veggie burger Reuben 10-
Falafel on pita w/ tatziki sauce 12-  add feta cheese 1.50
Fish and chips served on crusty roll w/ tartar sauce 12-
Meatloaf sandwich on crusty roll w/ cheddar and chili sauce 10-
New England clam strip roll w/ tartar and slaw 7-
Shady Hill Farm lamb gyros on pita w/ tatziki sauce. 12- Add crumbled feta 1.50

Silver tin special: 12-
Alaskan wild salmon cakes w/ hollandaise sauce and O'brien potatoes

House made specialties
Pork shoulder roast w/ garlic mashers, broccoli rabe and pan gravy 14-
Farm raised catfish fillet, blackened w/ dirty rice and creole sauce 14-
Perch fry- locally harvested yellow perch  w/ hush puppy, fries and slaw 14-

1/2 fried or Jamaican jerked chicken w/ mashers and slaw 14-

Pork schnitzel w/ garlic butter and pommes frites 14-
Yellowfin tuna fillet, grilled and served w/ wasabi mashers and mushroom-soy cream 18-
    Blue line meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes, veggies and gravy 15-
Alaskan pollack fish tacos w/corn tortillas, salsa and sour cream 14-
  Potato and onion tacos w/ queso blanco, salsa and sour cream 12-

  Cherry pie!
We also have whole blueberry, apple, peach and cherry pies available in our freezer! 18- each

Don't forget we also sell fish and meat!

What's that great radio station we always play at Eat'n Meet? CKUA - independent  just like us!

Blue----line----burgertm menu:
Farmer sourced meats - Brainardsville Bakehouse bun - locally sourced toppings
Burgers:                                                          Size____________$$__

 Blue Linetm. beef burger                                     4 oz. / 8 oz.       8- /13-
Breakfast Burger- w/ fried egg, bacon and cheddar   4 oz.                11-
House made veggie burger                                    6 oz.                9-
Wild Alaskan salmon burger                                   4 oz.               10- 
Shady Hill Farm lamb burger                                  4 oz.               10- 
Glaziers w/ sauerkraut                                                               3-
Home made Glaziers corn dog                                                     3-


Our burgers are served with complimentary garnish of lettuce, sliced onion, seasonal tomatoes and pickles.

Swiss                1.25  
                                    mushroom           2-
Sharp cheddar 1.25   Glaziers bacon        2-  
grilled peppers    1.50  
Feta                  1.50                                            sauteed onion     1.50   

Gorgonzola      1.50                                         

Cool pick-up catering at Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder:
Hot Boxes!

Eat 'n Meet accepts returns of our aluminum tins for recycling.

Please rinse them out, and bring 'em back-thanks.

Locals: If you need food and can not pay, please come in anyway.

Thanks for helping local causes during our eat for a good cause fund raisers!

Hey vegetarians! Green items on the menu are for you! 
We have two grills- one for meats and fish, and one for vegetables.

We are happy to accommodate urban mess kits as an alternative to disposables. Please present containers or plates when ordering.